Information System Net-a-Porter Impact of Ecommerce

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Impact on Ecommerce
Impact on Ecommerce

1.1.About the Company:2
1.2.Mission Statement:2
2.0.Product and Services3
3.0.Information Requirements:5
3.1.Information Requirement for Sales Department:5
3.1.1.Operational Level:5
3.1.2.Management Level:5
3.1.3.Strategic Level:6
3.2.Information Requirements for Marketing Departments:6
3.2.1.Operational Level:6
3.2.2.Management Level:6
3.2.3.Strategic Level:7
4.0.Information System7
4.1.Transaction Processing Systems7
Purchasing Details7
Source Payments7
4.2.Customer Relationship Management Systems8
4.3.Knowledge Management Systems9
5.0.Key Features of Website:10
5.1.Easy access to the product: Amazing and Stylish Navigation11
5.2.What’s New Function12
6.0.Impact on Ecommerce13
7.0.Conclusion and Recommendation14

1.0. Introduction
2.1. About the Company:

Net-A-Porter is one of the leading online indulgence fashion retailer in the world. The website of Net-A-Porter is an award-winning website, which is shown in the elegance of a high class fashion magazine, and deals the style-savvy consumer precisely what they want - unparalleled entree to the world’s most recent and stylish sexy appearances of the period from global pioneering brands via worldwide express transfer and delivery facility. Since its introduction in the year 2000, NET-A-PORTER has recognized itself magnificently as a luxury brand through spotless packing and unequaled customer facility. The website of NET-A-PORTER features the extraordinary fashion writing, updated every week with the new content and merchandise, and over 2.5 million women view the website each consecutive month. (rimsim, 2011)


2.2. Mission Statement:

The Mission Statement of the company is to be the “World’s Best Online Fashion Retail Store”. (NET-A-PORTER, 2012)

2.0. Product and Services

The Net-A-Porter offers a variety of high-class product line online (NET-A-PORTER, 2012), such as: * Accessories:

The company offers various ranges of accessories such as beauty case, belts, necklaces, fine jewelry, gloves, hair, hats, jewelry, and key chains, optical, prints, scarves, stationery, sunglasses, Sun, technology, towels, umbrellas, wallets and watches. * Clothing:

The company also offers a large range of clothing product line such as tops, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, jeans, jumpsuits, knitwear, jackets, coats, active wear, loungewear and beachwear. * Lingerie:

The company also offers a range of Lingerie, such as bras, briefs, shape wear, corsetry, camisoles and chemises, sleepwear, robes, hosiery, and Lingerie accessories. * Bags:

The company offers a varied range of bags such as, shoulders bags, totes, clutch bags, and travel bags. * Shoes:

The company also offers range of shows like flat shoes, sneakers, sandals, pumps and boots. * Gift Items

The company also offers the service of delivering gifts. (NET-A-PORTER, 2012)

Fig: Gift Facility (Awwww, 2012)

3.0. Information Requirements:

Net-A-Porter collects the business information for different levels from the activities carried out by the customers when they are on the website. This information are very important for the company to function properly, plan and implement different policies to increase the profitability, build competitive advantage and importantly sustain for a long period of time.

4.3. Information Requirement for Sales Department:
The company needs to perform a wide range of sales activity. To...
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