Information System Implementation

Topics: Project management, Management, Risk Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: March 31, 2013
System Implementation

When it comes to implementing or installing a new system within a company or organization, there are many factors to consider, not only technology. System implementation takes place when testing is complete and the team and project manager become responsible for implementing the new information system successfully for the sponsor or for the client’s organization or company. A successful implementation can result in overall organizational efficiency and also strengthen the organization. However, a failed implementation can result in a strain on funds, schedule, and on the organization. Even though there are different implementation methods, there are more things to consider such as: commitment, risks, resistance, user involvement, training, and planning.

User commitment plays a huge factor on implementing and installing a system successfully. An implementation method, such as direct cutover, will create a huge sense of commitment. When the direct cutover method is used, the old system is being disposed of and the new one is being installed. It is as if yesterday, you were using an old computer or system, and today you came in and there is a new computer or system in front of you. This method creates a huge sense of commitment with users because there is no system to go back to. When it comes to user commitment, the user must also be committed to change. The company or organization must be willing to implement changes, procedures, structure, and any other factors that are crucial for the system to function. This commitment, however, should not only come from users, but through the entire organization from top management down through the entire project. Edgar Schein, a former management professor from MIT, describes the perfect leadership qualities for building commitment. He states that management should pay attention to the project effort and respond to project issues in an important manner. Schein also states that it is necessary to...
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