Information System Briefing

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  • Published : February 4, 2012
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Information System Briefing
With the changes in the health care industry, we have come to rely on information technology more, and more each day. When organizations take the time to plan, manage, and develop an information technology program, will make the organization more efficient, better working environment and better decision making processes. There are many steps that need to be put in place when selecting an information system. Taking the time and finding those who will fully understand the system and everyone has the proper training. The process for selecting and acquiring an information system has many important steps. One of the first steps the health care organization needs to start is to find out what type of system they need. It is important that the organization chooses the system that best fits the organization. The organization needs to decide first if the system will be built in house, leased from an application service provider or an outside consultant. This will take lots of work and planning to get the system up, so that it will run smoothly for the operations. The organization needs to put together a team. This team will be in charge of the budgeting, planning, coordinating, and managing the process of the new system. The organization will need to have a project leader, information technology professional, system champion, and those who are in charge of clinical and administrative sections. Those that are chosen for the team should have knowledge and the understanding of the new system. The team needs to decide what goal is for the information system such as, what do they want to achieve, what are the goals, and that everyone is committed to the project. When everyone has agreed on what needs to be accomplished they should come up with a plan, and the “plan should include: Major activities (also called tasks)

Major milestones
Estimated duration of each activity
Any dependencies among activities (so that, for example, one...
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