Information System Breifing Paper

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  • Published : April 16, 2011
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Information System Briefing
Zackary D. Rudolph Sr.
Marc Magill
October 04, 2010

This briefing is to examine the process for selecting and acquiring an information system, how our organization’s goals drive the selection of the information system and the roles each of our stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process. First a team needs to be selected, and then determine the overall goal of the project and what is expected to come of the project. Then the team will determine ways that the project should be completed and once they have decided then implication of the system can begin. As our organization grows into new areas and as technology advices so fast, we feel a need for this new system is crucial. Our stakeholders’ position and the part they play in the selection of the system is important to our overall goals.

A team of seven members shall be assembled; looking at the backgrounds of our information system employees we will need seven with five or more years in the information system’s field. Two of the member should be hand pick to head up the operation and allow these two to fill out the rest of the team. After the team is assembled we will need full workstation for 150 employees. Each team member needs to be able to setup and system and have the workstation connected and ready to be introduced into the network. Once all the workstations are ready the servers need to be setup and connect to initiate the network. The day to day work of each employee needs to be analyzed to determine if the system per workers needs basic or high end components for each system. This is important because the organization does not want to spend money unnecessarily. Acquiring the entire system from one company would be ideal, because most companies offer discounts when you purchase a certain amount of merchandise from them.

As the organization grows we move into areas never before explored in this organization. We need to ensure that the...
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