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Gsc E-Ticketing System

As a business professional, I should be able to recognize the fundamental components of information systems that encounter in the real world. I had chosen the Golden Screens Cinema (GSC) e-ticketing system as my research topic.

Background of Golden Screens Cinema(GSC)

Golden Screen Cinemas is acknowledged as the largest chain of cinemas in Malaysia and it has the credit of housing the largest 18 screen cinemas in Malaysia. The 18 screen cinemas in Malaysia comprises of Mid Valley Megamall, Utama, Berjaya Times Square, Summit USJ, Cheras Leisure Mall, IOI Mall, Selayang Capitol, Shaw Centrepoint, Terminal 1 in Seremban, Mahkota Parade in Malacca, Berjaya Megamall in Kuantan, Pelangi Leisure Mall and Summit Batu Pahat in Johor, Plaza Bukit Mertajam and Gurney Plaza in Penang, Cental Square in Sungai Petani, Ipoh Parade in Ipoh, Queensbay Mall in Penang(opening soon in 2007) and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

The Golden Screen Cinemas in Penang is located at Gurney Plaza, Penang has all the facilities of the Cineplex’s. The movie lovers can avail various facilities in Golden Screen Cinemas in Penang like concessions on popcorn, soft drinks and other snacks and apart from these it also offers 3 Glitter cafés and gift shops featuring wonderful gift items and other trendy stuffs.

Gurney Plaza Penang opened on 16, January 2004 and it is the second movie theater of Golden Screen Cinemas. Gurney Plaza, Penang is considered as the first multiplex in not only Penang but the entire Northern region. By spending RM 15, for each ticket the movie admirers can enjoy movies at the 80 seated premier classes with its own attached luxurious lounge. The seats have the special advantage of attached trays to keep snacks and drinks while enjoying the movie.

Introduction of GSC e-ticketing system

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is one of the biggest cinema operators in Malaysia. It has grown in leaps and bounds over the last two decades. The GSC has makes an excellent information system model. It serves up to millions of customer using its powerful e-ticketing systems. The customer can now books their tickets and reserving their seats by using this system. It become easier and more convenient compared to the old manual way. The customer now can book their tickets and then pay the tickets price by using credit cards, for example Eon cards, Visa cards and etc. This system is a time-saver. It saves people a lot of time. They no need to queue so long again to just buy a single ticket to watch their favourite movies. Besides that, the development of this system also ensures that no people were selling scalp tickets for double or triple the original price. As a conclusion, the e-ticketing system really helps a lot in boosting the sales of the tickets and provides a lot of benefit to the people.

2) Description of the GSC e-ticketing system activities:-

a) Input

An e-ticketing system input consists of the item that it receives for its collection. This data input may consist of the name of the movie display, time showing, price of the movie, the room number of the movie screens and etc.

At first you must register as a member of the GSC in order to book a ticket or purchasing a ticket. You need to sign up first. The sign up button was situated at the left hand sided box of the website (See Figure 1.1). When you click sign up, it will link you to a page which will need you to fill in all the personal information inside (See Figure 1.2). After you finish register, it will require you to verify the information from the e-mail that they had sent to your mail-box. After verifying, you now can choose either want to book ticket or directly purchase the ticket through online.

b) Processing

An e-ticketing system main process service revolves around purchasing tickets, booking and reserving seats for particular movies. If the seats have already full booking, it will show out to the customer.

If a person wants to...
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