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Information sheet
How to survive the month Nowadays everyone like to save some money, the economy is a real mess so it is important to have a budget, especially for the students. So the question is how to live on a budget? Eating out

Usually you spent a lot of money on eating out, and this is the last thing you should do. Instead of wasting money on eating in luxury restaurants you can go home and make something for lunch. Food buys.

It is obvious that you should buy a food, so it is a nice idea if you buy a food from the bigger supermarkets because there is always something on special price and you don’t have to buy exactly what you need for that day. Find a job

If you live in a city and if there is a chance to find some job, do it! You can study during the week and work during the holidays, It can be a perfect opportunity to save some money for hard times. Use the bus

Using the bus is always a better choice instead using a taxi. Taxi is much more expensive, so try not to use it. Sometimes walking on foot can also be a great option if the destination where you want to get to is not so far away. Use a Money box

It is always a smart idea to use a money box, it will encourage you to save regularly. Every time you come back from shopping put the rest of the money in the money box, at the end of the month you will have enough money to pay some bills or maybe the rent.
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