Information Seeking Behaviour

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Fundamental human needs, Research Pages: 63 (16576 words) Published: June 29, 2012

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Philosophy in Library and Information Science

Guide Submitted by DR. Anil Jain Neeta Sharma

School of Library and Information Science
Faculty of Information Technology
Vikram University

I declare that “The Information seeking Behaviour of faculty members of dental colleges of Indore” is my own work and that all the sources I have used or quoted have been indicated and acknowledge by means of complete references”.

Signed : ………………………….

Date : …………………………


This thesis is dedication to the people who contributed positively to my life and inspired my educational goals and career during difficult times.


My first and foremost thanks and praise goes to my Parents for the strength, wisdom, guidance, help and for such a great blessing. And to my Husband Mr. Nitesh Sharma, for support and giving me the opportunity to further my studies and moreover for believing in me.

My sincere and deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Anil Jain, my supervisor for his invaluable help and ideas.

I would also like to extend a word of thanks to the lecturers at Dental Colleges in Indore who responded to the survey.


This mini-thesis offers up to date information on issues relating to the information seeking behaviour of the dental faculty in Indore. The thesis argues that dental libraries with particular reference to Indore need to undertake research to determine needs, preferences and user patterns of dental lecturers. It studied faculty members of the dental colleges of Indore. Survey was to determine the information seeking behaviour of the faculty members of the dental colleges of Indore.

A questionnaire was used to collect data in order to achieve the objectives of the study. Dental lecturers from the four dental colleges of Indore i.e. were the respondents of the study. Data presented and interpreted is based on the responses of lecturers.

The findings reflect the need to improve the library services. The findings also reveal the need for journals. It reveals that most of the lecturers couldn’t find the materials they need in the library. The findings also reveal that most of the respondents in the study prefer to use reference books and journals for research purpose. The dental faculty members used the library used the library as and when needed.

The findings also reveal that lecturers believed that the library was not meeting their information and research needs. Moreover, the lack of computer facilities for online searching and the Internet were also cited as obstacles in the effective use of the library. The findings also noted lack of space, lack of availability of journals, problems with Medline (Medical literature database) and queuing in the photocopy room in the library. Access to books and learning materials is vital to educational and social development. Lack of these resources is a major obstacle or handicap to most higher education institutions in developing countries.

The task of building strong academic centers, postgraduate and research programs lies in strengthening library services and providing teaching material and equipment. Without these, the task of building strong academic institutions cannot be accomplished. Recommendations were also based on the fact that the libraries should upgrade their stock and services to a level where they can meet the information and research needs of lecturers.

Chapter 1
1. Background
Libraries devoted exclusively to medical literature have existed since the formation of schools, societies and institutions devoted to the study of medicine...
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