Information Processing Theory: Influencing Cognition

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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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Information Processing Theory: Influencing Cognition
Historically, viable theoretical models have been developed and applied throughout the history of the field of psychology in an attempt to better understand how the human mind receives, processes, stores, and retrieves information. Understanding how the human brain receives, processes, stores, and recalls information is significantly important to psychological research of cognitive development and identifying deficiencies in learning. The vast compilation of theoretical views regarding brain functioning and cognitive development are sometimes overwhelming and contradictory, however a basic framework from valid and reliable theoretical views appears to be dominant among the masses. Learning, memory, and cognition occur at any given time, when an individual perceives, stores, encode, and retrieves information to or from the brain. When an individual modifies and adjusts responses to preceding dilemmas, e.g. self-modification, in order to deal with new problems, a person develops perception and reasoning skills to better deal with similar future issues without recreating analogous errors. Encoding, strategy construction, automaticity, and generalization, are the key aspects involved in an individual’s self-modification. Regardless of any limitation or faults the information processing model of cognition may hold, its broad influence is still prominent in modern psychology, education, and cognitive science. Miller’s Perspective. George A Miller’s concepts of limited short-term memory capacity and chunking are fundamental elements in various memory, learning, and information processing theories. Though Miller was not directly responsible for the theoretical development of the information processing theory, he greatly influenced the understanding of the process by introducing concepts that still hold true in various modern psychological applications. Miller stated that “the human brain only has the capacity...
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