Information Process Technology Exercise 1.1 Preliminary

Topics: Automated teller machine, Change, Information Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Exercise 1.1
1. Why have Australians been quick to adopt the latest development in technology? Australia has been quick to adopt the latest developments in technology partly because of our geographical location. Technology has cut down the time taken to transfer information. It makes it easier for Australians to communicate with the rest of the world and across large distances within Australia. 2. What is information technology?

Information technology refers to the electronic hardware and software used to process information. 3. How has digital communication improved the transfer of data? Digital communication has increased our ability to transfer data. Local area networks allow computers to communicate information and share resources. Global communication is routinely achieved using the Internet. 4. What has been the impact of information technology on organisations? Organisations have used information technology to save time, reduce effort, increase output, develop new products and ultimately save money. 5. Describe the recent changes in banking that have been resulted from information technology? Banking has changed drastically with the use of plastic cards, automatic teller machines (ATMs) and electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS). Internet banking and bill paying are further transforming the way we use money. 6. How do pilots to use information technology?

Pilots use flight control systems to guide aircraft to their destination. Sensors are used to monitor the aircraft’s position, speed and other information needed by the pilot. 7. How can information technology benefit an organisation but be a disadvantage for an individual? Information technology might increase the productivity of an organisation but result in staff redundancies and disadvantage an individual. 8. List some of the ethical issues that have been raised by the introduction of information technology Some of the ethical issues raised by information...
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