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i. the speaker's left. If the flag is displayed on a staff elsewhere than on a platform or chancel, it should be at the right of the audience or congregation as they face the speaker. It should not cover a speaker's desk or be draped in front of a platform. THE FLAG IN A PARADE

When carried with another flag or flags, the flag of Saint Lucia should be held on the marching right or in front of the centre of the line of flags. When the flag is passing in a parade or in a review or during a ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag, all persons present should face the flag and stand at attention. National Flower

The virulent red of the rose still speaks to many a Saint Lucian; so does the simple marguerite flower (gomphrena). Between them spins a tale of more than two centuries, and despite imperialism, domination, and cultural invasion, the twin flower festivals of LA ROSE and LA MARGUERITE still persist, a testament to resilience. Where, in some countries, the population may be divided into classes and castes, in the context of St. Lucia's cultural traditions, there exists two "Societies", ROSES and MARGUERITES (Bachelor's Button).

The ROSES and MARGUERITES are floral societies into which some members of the Saint Lucian community divide themselves. Although these floral societies remain primarily singing associations today, there was a time when they formed important segments of the island's social structure, and most persons in the community were somehow affiliated to one of the groups. The structure of the two societies seems to indicate something of their function within colonial society. Both groups are hierarchically structured with a king and queen as head of each society and other dignitaries patterned upon the socio-economic structure of |colonial society. Thus, after the king and queen come princes and princesses, and a number of other pseudo-legal, military and professional personnel, including judges, policemen, soldiers and nurses. Each has a...
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