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Country Paper

November 29, 2011


Australia is comprised of six mainland states and two territories (Figure 1). The continent is the world’s largest island and sixth largest country. The total landmass of Australia is 7,686,850 sq km, “40% of which is covered by sand dunes and 18% is covered by desert” (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2007). Australia’s population consists of 22.7 million people, mostly concentrated in the Southeast and Southwest (CIA, 2011). Australia accounts for 29% of global coal exports. The language, ethnicity, and religion breakdowns are all relevant to the United States’ (Figures 2, 3, and 4) (CIA, 2011). There are four important regions in Australia to note. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, just off the northeast coast in the Coral Sea. It is popular for tourism and generates nearly $1 billion per year (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2008). The Western Plateau incorporates 2/3 of the continent. They receive roughly 4-14 inches of rain per year and are broken up by mountain ranges (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2008). The Eastern Highlands are Australia’s most substantial mountain range and are located in the eastern part of Australia. These Highlands are used for agricultural reasons, forestry, and national parks. Railways and highways also travel through these ranges. The fourth notable region is the Central Lowlands, the flattest part of Australia. They are located between the Eastern Highlands and the Western Plateau and consist mainly of grassland and Australia’s largest river systems (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2008).

Australia’s culture in regards to business is different from other countries. They are an egalitarian society that focuses on the equality of everyone. In Australia’s business world it does not matter what title or status you obtain (Gorrill, J.). This goes in...
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