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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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It is both necessary and significant for the managers to learn about the evolution of management theory. As discussed in the class, modern management style is the mixture of Classical perspective, Humanistic perspective and Quantitative perspective. Knowing those previous theories can provide the managers a more comprehensive view about current opportunities and problems. The managers wouldn’t feel overwhelmed when dealing with unexpected questions. In addition, people can conclude and learn from history, which can always serve as a comparison and lesson in similar situations. As to the social forces, it is defined as the unwritten, common rules and perceptions about relationships between people. When the social forces changes, the relationships between people especially between the manager and employees changes. This transition requires the organizations to take new management in order to adapt to new circumstances. In modern society, the world is becoming smaller with globalization. Employees need to collaborate with others more and more often. Hence the management techniques tend to focus on compatibility and feasibility.

I do agree with what Purva says that we need to apply different management perspectives to different situations. It is too simplistic to say that one of them is better than the other. Every perspective has its own strength and weakness. For each particular problem, the solution may come from one of the perspectives or the mix of them. There are not written guides or procedures for managers to handle with every situation, which requires the managers to work flexibly. So the acknowledge of the evolution of management perspectives help the managers better cope with all sort of problems.

Yes, I really appreciate those two reasons that you have mentioned, Yining. On one hand, I think social forces and management technology influence each other. In this turbulent society, people are more willing to acquire new skills and learn from others...
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