Information Communication: Theories and Models

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Information communication is transfer of data that has been processed so it is now. The data may have been transformed for a purpose or simply to use for analysis. Information helps to produce uncertainty. over the internet, phone or post in order to deliver meaningful bit of information. Information communications theory is conveying to others information that is on our minds. One of the earlier communications models by (Shannon,C.E., Weaver.W., 1949, p.34. This model deals with the information source, transmitter and then the destination where it is delivered. Information Communications theories are useful for organisations. They can help classify information ,aggregate information etc. For example in a doctors surgery information is separated and linked to a patient. This way if a patient collapses or needs help and the doctor is contacted a quck search on the records can bring up previous complaints. Another real example is Ted a man finding a stray puppy crying for help. Through the cries the puppy was communicating its distress. This led Ted to call a ve and save the puppies life. ( Information supports managers by helping them to forecast and plan, to organise, to command, to coordinate and to control. Henri Fayol (1841–1925) A good example of information communication being put to use is shown in this diagram here: Lec 2

Systems theory allows analysis of business procedures. A system consists of different interralted components all working together to complete one goals. An example of this is cold calling on the telephone,someone is responsible for compiling the customers data and another person rings up the potential customers and yet another most likely a manger inputs the payment details on a successful sales. All these people are working according to a system and communicating information to each other. These sorts of systems are common for example a secretary potentially has a lot of “power” he or she can setup appointments in the next available slot for a business meeting or just give the run around. The boss would look to the secretary to transmit certain information. Another company that would use this sort of business model in a real life example would be the inland revenue who give people the chance to fill out tax forms online.( Information is contained within an environment and creates boundaries. Systems that are made up of smaller systems are called subsystems and systems with one or more subsystems are called suprasystems. An example of a communication suprasystem is a team of web designer all working on different parts of a sites,homepage,shopping cart,forum etc. When a group of processes or components are working together to achieve one goal this is called business interaled system. There are six major types of information systems. We will briefly evaluate each one as well as examine how they could be applied to a real life scenario. The information systems are relevant all in different settings. The systems can be useful for tracking orders, processing order as well as checking inventory, shipping products and processing sales. They can also be useful in an academic setting for recording grades, course records etc. One example is knowledge work systems (KWS). Broadly speaking a knowledge worker is a skiller worker who would use knowledge as part of his/her profession. This is usually done to automate tasks. The knowledge worker ensures that new knowledge and expertise are properly integrated into the system. Automation is usually done with powerful desktop computers referred to as workstations. ( An example of a KWS is an engineering work station. Lec3 slide 13

Not all information systems are the same and this can be seen by comparing with office automation...
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