Information and Communication Technology for Effective Teaching and Learning

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“We're changing the world with technology.”
-Bill Gates


The information and communication technology have made a great impact in the field of education in this modern era. Learners/students had a very tough time to gain knowledge as there were no proper means to access information. Now-a-days with the advance of technology people have got plenty of opportunity to construct, collaborate, communicate and to promote their skills and knowledge. It even allows individuals to process information according to their preferred learning styles; as a result it helps to discover things through better learning process and manages to control the pace of learning for themselves.

The information and communication technology (video conference, e-mail, distance learning...) helps in promoting opportunities of knowledge sharing throughout the globe. Therefore the article tells that with the help of information and communication technology people are exploring and heading themselves in fulfilling their desires in pursuing education.

Key words: Information, Communication, Technology, Education and opportunity.

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Informatics technology is defined as ‘the technological applications (artefacts) of informatics in society’. Information and communication technology, or ICT, is defined as ‘the combination of informatics technology with other, related technologies, specifically communication technology’. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can add to universal access to education, equity in education, the delivery of quality learning and teaching, teachers’ professional growth and more efficient education management, governance and administration.

21st century is considered as knowledge based society wherein ICT plays a vital role in teaching and learning. Throughout the world ICT is being an emerging field of researches in education. It can be used to collect information and learning opportunities available outside the formal schooling system and more than ever in the field of Open and Distance Education it is being extensively utilized. The central and state government (Ministry of Human Resource Development) launched a scheme in December 2004 named as ‘Information and Communication Technology in School’ which aims to provide opportunities to secondary stage students to develop ICT skills and also for ICT aided learning process. The scheme enables widespread availability of access devices, connectivity to the Internet and promotion of ICT literacy in all government schools as the impact of ICT in the field of education was growing rapidly and to utilise the benefits of ICT. ICTs can be seen as a platform to overcome the worst parts of education and learning while creating new opportunities and innovative ways to teach and learn, simultaneously careful monitoring, assessments and coordination are essential to success.


The empirical study conducted in our country and as well as across the globe related on our topic information and communication technology for effective teaching and learning are presented below. And in order to find out the gaps in these studies it is important to review the available literature on the related aspects of the present study.

S K Mishra (May 11, 2008), in his study “Possibilities of Quality Enhancement in Higher Education by Intensive Use of Information Technology”, tells that the Quality of higher education is a multi-dimensional concept. It lies in effectiveness of...
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