Information and Communication Technologies Have Brought a Number of Changes to the Nature of Work. Have These Changes Been More Beneficial for Employees or Employers?

Topics: Telecommuting, Commuting, Small office/home office Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 10, 2012
The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has brought many benefits to society and the nature of work. Internets, cell phones, fax were introduced to help people in their work and life. This has brought to a new working method use by employees or employers to work from home while communicating with the workplace by phone, fax, computers and modem which known as telecommuting.

The world of telecommunications has developed at an extremely rapid rate and businesses have latched on to its devolvement. One of the benefits for the business is the implementation of teleworking, its structure has enabled both employees and employers to receive a mutual benefit of so it may seem. According to my research I have found certain factors that are disguised and therefore it is actually one party that benefits more that the other. Telecommuting is a work practice that offers benefits to both the community and the business. It allows employers the benefit in a number of ways.

The biggest advantage is that workers are able to spend more time in home with their family, meaning they have flexibility to do what ever they want. The next benefit for employers is that there will be less absenteeism. Employees can not get the day off arbitrarily. Martino.D and Wirth (1990:530) concluded that employees do not have excuses to run form their work as they need to keep communicating with their co-workers. Therefore, work can still be done even though there are fewer employees that come to work. According to Longhran(1998), telecommuting can save a lot of

money thus employers do not need to pay expensive office space and overheads such as electricity, water, heating and wear and tear. Company with telecommuting schemes are also able to take advantage of a labour market of skilled individual who are not able to work full-time or present in a company, such as disabled or those with childcare or eldercare responsibilities.

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