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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Executive Summary

This report comprises of detailed information and analysis of MALEE’S CAFÉ from every perspective. It presents all the information and knowledge that I was able to acquire during my internship at MALEE’S CAFÉ. Part One, presents an overall introduction of Malee Sampran Public Company (LTD) Thailand, Malee Foods (PVT) LTD Pakistan and MALEE’S CAFÉ along with its history, background, mission and vision statement. Part Two, throws light on overall management style followed by MALEE’S CAFÉ, the organizational chart and design of MALEE’S CAFÉ. It provides information about the administration department, HR department, purchasing department, order taking procedures, billing strategies, various policies, policy formation process and Principles of F&B at Malee’s café.

Part Three, depicts marketing mix of MALEE’S CAFÉ i.e
• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promotion

Part Four, represents the financial analysis of MALEE’S CAFÉ, with horizontal and vertical analysis and a complete ratio analysis. Part Five, explains the SWOT analysis of the organization.
Part Six, narrates the experience that I gained while working as an internee at MALEE’S CAFÉ. Part Seven, depicts the problems at MALEE’S CAFÉ, my recommendations and the conclusion, finally.


Malee business has begun in 1964. Later on 2nd February 1978, the Company was incorporated as Malee Sampran factory Company Limited with initial registered capital of 10million Baht, to manufacture and distribute canned fruits juices and canned foods, its business had expanded continuously, in 1881, and the company expanded its production capacity by establishing a factory located on 5-hector plot of land in Sampran, Nakornpathom. The company’s shares were listed in the stock exchange of Thailand and were approved for trading since 13 March 1992.

Malee Sampran Public Company Limited is a producer and distributor of canned fruits, fruit juice and beverages. The Company operates several main product lines, namely canned Pineapple, canned fruits, pineapple juice concentrate, canned Sweet corn, fruit juices, UHT milk and other beverages. These Products are marketed under the various trademarks. Products also produced for both local and foreign customers under their Trademarks. Malee products are marketed internationally either through agents, or directly to customers. This has created worldwide acceptance of Malee brand products Malee Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Canon Traders Private Limited has introduced Malee Brand products in Pakistan in 1992 and they started marketing of Malee brand with few hundred cartons of different items. After having the test marketing and excellent response from the consumers company had started the import and marketing full range of Malee products with passage of time under the company name Canon Traders owned by Mian Muhammad Iqbal.

The SBUs of Malee brand which were introduced Pakistan are as following:

[pic] [pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

Six years ago, in 2004 the distributors of brand Malee in Pakistan registered a company named as MALEE FOODS. Under which the distributor started spreading his wings in the local market by offering a range of quality products locally made, a part of offering imported products from Malee Sampran Public Company Limited from Thailand. Due to the excellent marketing and quality of the company’s products it was awarded as “Brand of the year 2007”. So from 2004 Mian Muhammed Iqbal has been CEO of Malee products from Thailand in Pakistan and MALEE FOODS as well.

Introduction of malee foods, pakistan

Local production
Apart from the items or products mentioned above, being imported from abroad, that is, from Thailand, Malee Foods also serve the nation by offering its locally produced Standard Business Units, mentioned as follows:

• ROSIP Brand
• MYLEE...
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