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Volume 2012 Issue 43 16.10.2012 to 22.10.2012
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Chart of the week
• Evergreen’s •
growth in the last few years has been constrained by the lack of new ship investments. It was forced to rely on chartered tonnage, including various charters for vessels of 6,500, 8,500 and 10,000 teu from Yang Ming, CSCL and Zim respectively. Evergreen’s market share has eroded in recent years while its global capacity rank has fallen from second in 2000 to seventh at the beginning of 2012. However, all that will change as Evergreen prepares to receive a total of 45 newbuildings of 8,50013,800 teu in the next three years. Six of these units have already been delivered so far this year. It has regained part of the market share lost, with 112,000 teu added year-todate, with its capacity share rising from 3.8% to 4.3% and looks set to raise its share further by the end of 2014 to 5.0%.

Evergreen Group : Capacity Operated and Global Share by year 2000-2012

1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000

Chartered Global Rank

Owned Market Share

7.0% 6.0% 5.0% 4.0%

600,000 3.0% 400,000 200,000
2 3 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 7 5 4 4 4

2.0% 1.0% 0.0%















2013 (f)

2014 (f)

Evergreen regains market share with big capacity push
Spotlight on Evergreen’s capac- 1 ity expansion Idle fleet rises on winter capac- 3 ity cuts Corporate Updates 4 CMA CGM receives $250 M cash injection OOCL 3Q update shows market rates have stalled Service Updates 6 Evergreen/Hanjin in token FEEurope capacity cut Maersk/Seago organize seasonal Morocco citrus loops Maersk/Seago organize IsraelTurkey-Russia loop TransAtlantic acquires Merilinja TransAtlantic adds SzczecinHull link Essberger buys a 1,684 teu ship for its UAFL operation Delivery/New Order Updates 9 October Deliveries Terminal Updates 10 Chinese port volumes rebound in September

Evergreen’s global capacity share has risen for the first time in five years, as a steady stream of new vessels joins the Taiwanese carrier’s fleet. Evergreen’s operated fleet has risen rapidly, with 112,000 teu added in the first ten months of this year alone, which is more than the aggregate capacity added by the company in the preceding five years. Evergreen is keen to make up lost ground, as its market share has dropped in recent years from a high of 6.2% in 2000 to only 3.8% at the beginning of 2012. This has since rebounded to 4.3% currently and looks set to rise further, with over 390,000 teu of capacity due to be delivered in the next three years. It marks the end of a prolonged hiatus by the line, who stopped all new ship investments between 2005 and 2010. Evergreen’s newbuilding program was relaunched in July 2010 with a total of 35 units of 8,400 teu and 10 units of 13,800 teu ordered since then. Its current orderbook of 394,000 teu is the second largest among all operators, just behind Maersk’s 457,000 teu. Even though Evergreen suggests that its newbuildings will be introduced mainly for fleet renewal rather than market share expansion, Alphaliner’s analysis shows that the company’s newbuilding program will have a significant impact on the market. Evergreen has 156,000 teu of new capacity due for delivery by the end of 2013, while chartered...
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