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Information About Dani Pedrosa

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Information About Dani Pedrosa

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Dani Pedrosa on the podium at Brno

Today, 29 September 2012 is the anniversary of Little Spaniards, Dani Pedrosa the 27th. Hopefully, the more successful the next and can reach the world champion title

Daniel "Dani" Pedrosa Ramal (born in Sabadell, Spain, 29 September 1985, age 26 years) is one of the MotoGP racer. It started grandprix motor racing debut in 2001 in the 125 cc class GP team will Telefonica movistar Honda JR, and gain position to the end of the 8 standings. In 2002 it race in the same team and won three world champion GP 125 cc. Racing season in 2003 with movistar timTelefonica Honda JR, it grab the 125cc GP world champion with 223 points. In 2004 he moved to the 250 cc class and join the team Telefonica movistar Honda 250, and immediately grab the 250cc GP world champion. In 2005 he returned to dominate the track and defending world champion title GP 250 cc. In the 2006 racing season it up to the MotoGP class and race for the Repsol Honda team, with American racer Nicky Hayden and Andrea reach Doviziosopada 2008 season 2009 season. And in 2012, it was with Casey Stoner on the team.

Junior track
Pedrosa started to ride a bike in the early age of four, when he got his first motorcycle, the first race is Italjet 50.Sepeda replica mini bike Kawasaki, which he got at the age of six years and used to track with your race temannya.Pedrosa dibalapan the indeed at the age of 9, when he entered the mini motorbike Spanish Championship and ended his debut season in second place, scoring the first podium in the second race of the season. The next year, Pedrosa entered the same championship, but health problems hinder him to continue to compete and he ended the season in the third position.

In 2001, Pedrosa made his debut in the 125cc world championship once selected from the Movistar Activa Cup, a series of plans to promote fresh racing talent in Spain, back in 1999. Under the guidance of Alberto Puig, Pedrosa print podium twice in the...

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