Informatics Reaction Paper

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Informatics Reaction Paper
Health Care Informatics
September 13, 2011


Nursing practice has a new identity by way of nursing informatics. Technology and nursing practice have now conjugated. This union has changed the way care is delivered to each patient by the nurse. Nurses are now not only responsible for accurate and proficient hands on care, but must also be prepared to advance themselves with the latest health care technology. Registered nurses must educate themselves as never before or they will be left behind due to the evolving change associated with technology. Mediocrity is definitely not an option. Nursing informatics is an extremely positive move toward the future of professional nursing. Nurses have an incredible knowledge base to aid in the future development and advancement of nursing informatics. Nurses are competent leaders in health care. Informatics will assist every nurse to ensure the highest level of care in various avenues of nursing practice. Informatics Reaction Paper

Nursing has always been known to be a respectful profession. The nurse is present to hold the hand of the ailing patient or administer a “shot” to the patient in unbearable pain. The nurse is the patient’s advocate. She has various roles from admission to discharge such as social worker, physical therapist, emotional therapist, phlebotomist, caregiver, and any other role that she needs to acquire in order to deliver quality care. Today, nursing is still a respectful line of work, but because of nursing informatics nursing is viewed as a professional line of work. Nurses have always known that they are professionals but because of nursing informatics it is clear to everyone how professional and respected that the role of a nurse really is.

Healthcare informatics is relevant to nursing practice because the knowledge base of the nurse is required to develop strategies for competency. “Information nurse specialist combine the expertise of nursing science to...
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