Informatics Essay

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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Informatics Essay

Informatics can best be defined as the scientific study of information. It is also understanding the effects of technology and information on people along with the development of new uses for technology. Informatics is an incredibly broad field and has many subcategories that define the different types of informatics. These subcategories include, but are not limited to, Information Sciences; Business; Community; Developmental; Environmental; Health; Irrigation; Legal; Medical; Music; Social; and Technical informatics.

Scrolling through the list of the informatic subcategories, some can be grouped together based on similarity. Environmental, Forest, Hydroinformatics, Irrigation, and Evolutionary are an example that can be combined to create a different category involving or relating to the environment. Medical, Laboratory, Imaging, Consumer Health, Public Health and general Health informatics can be grouped together because they all relate to the Medical/Health field. Nursing informatics is the subdivision for Health informatics. It applies information technology to the skills and performance of nurses in healthcare.

Nursing informatics incorporate nursing science, computer science, and information science. This is used to manage and communicate the data and information related to the nursing process. Nursing informatics technology has been around since the 1980's when computers were integrated into hospitals and health centers. An incident in 1992 involving The Composite Health Care System; combined and mixed up different patient information, prescriptions, and information specified for doctors. The same system was then tested and received a thorough upgrade and was later released in 2003 to store and retrieve millions of patients information. Since then nurses have used systems similar to The Composite Health Care System and have evolved with the technology. More importantly it is also used to ensure that the best possible patient...
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