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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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Tone is very important when communication online.  Depending on whom you are writing to depends on the type of tone.  When I speak to a family member or a really close friend, my tone is usually informal.  When I am speaking to a co-worker, boss or to anyone with a business nature, the tone is usually formal.  Having to decipher which tone to use is usually easy, just determine how you would talk to them in person.

When talking to a family member, close friend, ect., the tone is usually informal.  You tend  to write things like ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’ or ‘rite’ instead of  ‘right’ and use a lot of slang.  When writing informally, it usually includes a lot of emotions like ugh and hmmm.  I call them ’Colorful words’ because you can interpret them many different ways.  These ’Colorful words’ can be associated with emotions which are usually associated to the writer’s personality.  The reader could imagine the writer’s expressions, because their personal relationship with the writer. 

When writing to a co-worker or class mate, the tone would be semi-formal.  This tone would be in between formal and informal.  In this tone you would limit the amount of slang and emotions involved in the communication.  Usually there is some purpose to the communication.  Whether it is a question about work or an assignment’s due date, the semi-formal tone always have a purpose.

When addressing anyone in a business manner you would use the formal tone for communication.  Normally this style would be written to a manager, owner, or anyone with a business manner.  This communication could be to complain to a company about its products or services.  With this tone you would be very careful of your word choice.  You would write very clear, proper, and respectful with this writing style. Things like jargons, acronyms or slang words would not be used in this form of communication.  

Knowing what type of tone to use is very important.  Understanding the differences is even more...
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