Informal Proposal

Topics: Makati City, Computer, University Pages: 3 (377 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Gonzalbo, Aprille T.
BS Biology 2201


1438 Rizal Avenue
(43) 9805505
Makati City[->0]

February 14, 2013
Mrs.Rosita M. Enarnacion
University President Of Holy Infant Jesus
1234 P.Burgos Street
Batangas City

Dear Mrs. Encarnacion :

We are pleased to submit to you our proposal to purchase our Techex computers for your school computer laboratory.

Background Purposes

Techex Corporation, commenced operation in 2005 and incorporated in United Kingdom. It has headquarters in China, US , Hongkong , Mexico and Philippines. Techex has consistently outgrown the worldwide PC market in a short period with 80 percent total sales. The corporation started to launch cellular phones and tablets last 2010.

Proposed Plan

Several problems in HIFU computer laboratory were observed from the investigation we held upon last January 8. The investigation enabled the Techex Corporation to determine the cause of problems and resulted in this conclusion:

Computers do not have enough memory. The random-access emory ( RAM ) uses an old proccessor.

Techex Corporation recommends you computers with two processor options from Intel with greater speed and power. The performance can be max out at 12 -core system at up to 3.0GHz. It also features Turbo Boost that boosts processor clock speed based on workload.


At present , a two-week backlog in filling order exists. Techex Corporation guarantees a two-week delivery date.


Techex Corporation is a manufacturer of computers and phones. We have developed training programs for IT and operators. Ms. Maya Dela Rosa , the founder of Tehex Corporation was the former IT expert and officer of MAC. She was trained at University of Singapore. Our Vice President for operations, Mr. Ricardo Lim learned his master's degree in computer science at AMA University.


Our PC143 MUA sells at Php 20,599.99, which includes a 1-year warranty....
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