Informal Letter. Thank You Letter

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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284 Duarte Quirós, Av
Còrdoba 29th, March 2011

Dear Sarah,
How is it going? First of all, I would like to thank you for the gorgeous gift you sent me for my birthday. You´ve always been such a caring person and you never forget that date. Imagine my surprise when I came from work and noticed that your present was waiting for me at home. It was very lovely of you. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort you put into finding me a wonderful present. You are the ultimate gift giver! It´s been a while since we wrote, so I would drop you a line to bring you up to date with what`s been happening here. My life has been kind of busy with my new job as a secretary at the hospital, the organization of my sister´s wedding. As I told you last time we chat, Sophy is marrying in July and of course she asked me to be her wedding planner. I´m trying to be in every single detail .She is my only sister and I´m doing my best to make this day unforgettable for her. I will send you the invitations for you and your family as soon as they are ready. Hope all your family could join us in this special day. I´ve also started an English course this summer. You know I want to improve my English before I go to visit you in London next year. I will have to practice hard to speak as well as you do. So what about you these days? How is life in London different from Argentine? Have you already accustomed to the city, the people and the English culture? Now I think it`s the perfect moment to thank you for being such a good person and friend and wish you good health, success and more importantly, love in your life. Please write soon and tell me what`s new in your life.

Best wishes,
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