Informal Letter

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Amy and Annie is a best friend. They know each other since they were a child. They were always together in everything they did. Actually, Amy comes from a rich family but she is quite weak in her studies. Meanwhile Annie is from a poor family but really good in her studies. Therefore, they always help each other for instance Amy will help Annie with her financial problem while Annie will help Amy in her studies. Then, both of them did well in their studies and managed to get a good job. They worked in the same place and became a good colleague. There was once Amy confessed to Annie that she had a feeling towards one of their colleagues. That person was Daniel, the most handsome guy in their office. She told everything about how he admired Daniel and loves him a lot. However, she did not know that actually, Annie also had a feeling towards Daniel. She never told Amy that they actually fell in love with the same guy as she afraid that Amy will get mad with her. Therefore, she just kept it herself and pretended to be happy for Amy. One day, Amy saw Daniel was talking to Annie and they seemed so friendly. They talked for quite a time and never noticed that Amy was around. Amy was so jealous and felt betrayed by her own best friend. From that moment, she was so cold with Annie and tried to avoid her most of the time. On the same time, Annie felt so sad and so confused with Amy’s attitude. She would like to confront her but she had no chance as Amy always avoid her. A week later, Annie went to Amy’s house and confronted her. She asked if she had done something that hurt Amy’s feeling and apologized for everything that she had done. After quite a long silence, Amy started to tell everything. She was so mad and accused Annie as a betrayer. In fact, she said that she really hate her and did not want to see her face again. At the end of the conversation, she told Annie that after this, she has no more friends that named Annie in her life.

Annie was...
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