Informal Essay

Justin Snavely
DE English
Mrs. Simmerman
Mon. August 20, 2012
Hello, this is the first paper I have written since school let out and to be honest I am very nervous. When I graduate I would like to go to school at James Madison University and pursue a career in some form of science. If I do not go to James Madison I would like to go to University of North Carolina Charlotte and major in law. I do plan on getting married but not until after college. As of right now I do have an interest in having children.

The first plan I have is going to play football in college, right now none of the colleges I am interested in have made any offers for a scholarship. However, with perseverance I plan on going to JMU to play. The reason JMU is on my list is because the atmosphere there is so nice, the coaches are great, plus it is not to far from home. Next would be to get a degree in some form of science such as biology preferably with a PhD. Some difficulties would be getting accepted into the school, getting the scholarship in football that I am chasing after so hard, and being away from home. The second plan is to again get a scholarship for football but this time at UNC Charlotte. I would like to major in law there so I can be a lawyer. If you have not noticed I am completely undecided with my career choices.

After college if I go to JMU I would like to live somewhere similar to Christiansburg or Blacksburg. I would like to get married before I go to graduates school. However, I don’t really have a clue. It would be a smaller wedding. There would be a really awesome bachelor party at the lake with all the guys, just like in the good ole days. I would like to have children; hopefully there will be a boy first, then a girl, followed by another boy. I have a little sister and I think more than one girl would drive me insane. Maybe my hobbies will still be the same I enjoy hunting, watching sports, playing video games, and working out. I would like to...
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