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Topics: Kofi Annan, Information technology, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Assignment Number: 1
Title: The Impact of Information Technology
By: Irum Kazmi

1) Impact of Communication and Information Technology on Personal, Social and Vocational life: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have changed the way of lives in our society. If harnessed properly, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have the potential to improve all aspects of our social, economic and cultural life ICT can serve as an engine for development in the twenty - first century" (Annan, 2003).

And all nations have benefited from ICT in the development of the infrastructures and as the ICT advancement goes up, so does the advancement in the way of life. Adomi (2006), stated that in the last two decades, the most of the changes in the advanced world in every aspect of life can be linked to ICTS. The human kind cannot be grateful enough to ICTs as it enabled access to information fast and cheaper and hence made it possible to make business decisions in real time.

Since the technology has advanced it provided so many useful tools and gadgets in to enhance the development speed. New technologies have become central to contemporary societies (Aswalap, 2005). The biggest contributors in ICT are computers which process information and save lot of valuable time for everyone either in business or personal life. And then the computers are being used in education, business, privately and at governmental level.

And when it comes to Communication Technologies, lot of progress has been made in terms of telephone and mobile phones and the role of satellite in bringing the communications from radio and television stations from all over the world. And then we have other means of communication like internet, social media which has spread from computers to mobile phones and tablets. Olubamise (2006) remarked that "there are two issues that are critical to diffuse information technology - access and liberties. Access has to do with making it...
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