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Topics: Cancer, American Cancer Society, Garcinia Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: March 3, 2013

General purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits of mangosteen Central Idea: Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree that bears fragrant fruit with a sweet, creamy, citrus-like flavor that has many benefits in our life such as for medical purpose, for health purpose and also for beauty purpose.

I. Mangosteen is one of the most popular tropical fruits, which is mainly in humid, hot climates. II. Mangosteen is a small evergreen tree, found in the Pacific Islands, Africa and Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. III. Mangosteen is recognized by other names such as Garcinia Mangostana L, Manggis, Mangosteen or Mangis. IV. Today I would like to inform you about the benefits of mangosteen in our life such as for medical purpose, for health purpose, and also for beauty purpose.

(Transition: Now, I have finished with the introduction of mangosteen. Let’s start with the first benefit of mangosteen.)

I. The first benefits of mangosteen is for medical purpose. A. Mangosteen fruits are fighting cancer and heart disease. 1. According to the American cancer society, in lab studies mangosteen has slowed down the growth of certain cancer cells. 2. Mangosteen is a strong source of antioxidants and anti-accidents have shown to protect against cancer and heart disease. 3. Lab tests have shown that mangosteen fruit can kill same bacteria and fungi. B. Mangosteen can use for nutritions food.

1. This fruit is very low in calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. 2. Mangosteen also has vitamin c for helps the body develop resistance against flu. C. Mangosteen also can use for medicinal value.

1. The leaf of mangosteen can use for infusion to cure wounds. 2. The rind of mangosteen also can used cure for diarrhea and dysentery, intestinal catarrh and skin infections.

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