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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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As a female graduating high school I look forward to the college experience and tend to dream of joining the long life time sisterhood club also known as a sorority. Pledging for my favorite clique and taking the essential steps to one day become a “big sister”, I know that this will be an unforgettable experience for me. Like always there are the good side of things and there are the worst side of things however, some people can debate that at times it’s as fun as it sounds while others hold on to the thought of it being corruptive to the mind.

In an article written by Holly Eagleson, I was able to learn the truth about sororities and see the different stories behind both opinions. The scary side of sororities consists of peer pressure, hazing, binge drinking and drug use along with harsh criticism. The purpose of sororities is to build each other up and to form some type of bond similar to sisters. Instead you have some illegal and embarrassing “group exercises.”

Apart of pledging is bonding exercises that’s supposed to bring you closer to your soon to be “sisters” and may even be a little uncomfortable and can sometimes be embarrassing however, you learn to deal with it because of the pressure of wanting to fit in. According to the article there was a law suite against Alpha Kappa Alpha in 2002 for a “group exercise.” This exercise reportedly included being blindfolded, tied together and led into the ocean where (2) two girls drowned.

As sororities hold the reputation of the awesome parties, there are many reports of out of control liquor at these parties which is becoming more and more common. The article states that last spring Alpha Delta Pi from the University of Georgia experienced some problems when the University transit no longer rented buses to the organization due to one girl being so drunk she vomited (3) three times while the other sisters urinated in cups and then disposed them out the window.

Being in a sorority or even...
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