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Helps voice and video networks overcome UDP’s shortcomings. RTP
A collection of H.323 terminals, gateways, and MCUs that are managed by a single H.323 gatekeeper. H.323 zone
____ is preferred over TCP for real-time applications such as telephone conversations and videoconferencing. UDP
A computer programmed to act like an IP telephone is known as a(n) ____. Softphone
The H.323 protocol that handles call or videoconference signaling. H.225
When more than two people participate in a videoconference, for example, in a point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint scenario, a video ____ is required.
____ is
measure of how well a network service matches its expected performance.
Many VoIP vendors prefer ____________________ over H.323.
Ensures that the type of information issued to an H.323 terminal is formatted in a way that the H.323 terminal can interpret
Any node that provides audio, visual, or data information to another node
H.323 terminal
IPTV, videoconferencing, streaming video, and IP multicasting belong to the range of services known as ____.
video over IP
When streaming videos are supplied via the Web, they are often called ____________________.
The popular Internet telephony software, Skype, is a type of ____.
When VoIP relies on the Internet, it is often called ____.
Internet telephony
____ signaling functions are more limited than those performed by the protocols in the H.323 group.
SIP and H.323 regulate ____ for VoIP or video-over-IP clients and servers.
call signaling and control
____________________ performs the same functions as MGCP, but using different commands and processes.
Many network engineers consider ____ to be superior to MGCP.
When a caller uses an IP telephone, his or her voice is immediately digitized and issued from the telephone to the network in ____ form.
Attempts to
a specific amount of network resources for a transmission before the transmission occurs.
Using VoIP over a WAN allows an organization to avoid paying long-distance telephone charges, a benefit known as ____.
toll bypass
Many streaming video services - and nearly all of those issued over a public network, such as the Internet - are examples of ____ transmissions.
____ messaging is a service that makes several forms of communication available from a single user interface.
____ describes the use of any network to carry voice signals using the TCP/IP protocol.
IP telephony
In general, a(n) ____ is a private switch that accepts and interprets both analog and digital voice signals.
One drawback to ____ video is that content may not be edited before it’s distributed.
live streaming
A(n) ____ is a computer that manages multiple media gateways.
The nerve center for networks that adhere to H.323.
H.323 gatekeeper
Among all video-over-IP applications, ____ is perhaps the simplest.
streaming video
When using an analog telephone, a VoIP adapter that performs analog-to-digital conversion is known as a(n) ____.
ATA (analog telephone adapter)
A device providing translation between network devices running H.323 signaling protocols and devices running other types of signaling protocols.
H.323 gateway
A computer that provides support for multiple H.323 terminals and manages communication between them
MCU (multipoint control unit)
____ is the use of one network to simultaneously carry voice, video, and data communications.
The most comprehensive and complex upgrade involving network hardware is a(n) ____ upgrade.
A ____ is a correction, improvement, or enhancement to a particular piece of a software application.
Above all, keep ____ in mind when you upgrade or install hardware on a network.
A ____ is a major change to a software package’s existing code.
software upgrade
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