Infoboard System

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An Info-Board is an eye-catching for individuals for information display. Each board is equipped with a important announcement. Especially pertaining to disasters happened in the Philippines particularly the thypoon. Electronic bulletin boards (also known as message boards or computer forums) are communication systems online where one can share, request, or discuss information on just about any topic. Any message posted on one can be read (and responded to) by anyone else in the certain place who has access to the Internet or the particular online service that is providing the message board. Info board system operate in a very simple manner. The staff will keep on updating the upcoming typhoon will come and advise the individuals to prepare. It keeps people abreast of disaster events. Traditional and online bulletin boards can symbolize a sense of belonging and social cohesion. Someone running a computer education program for seniors, for example, could post information about this on the infoboard system. Online bulletin boards, such as one for writers, also help impart a sense that people who make use of the board are part of a wider community. The main advantage of info board system is the fact that they are so public. Because of their accessibility, they give users the opportunity to get information from a huge number of sources, each with the possibility of a unique, original, and even global perspective. The chapter shall constitute an introduction to the whole study, and the statement of the problem in order to present the basis of the study. Moreover, the chapter shall also have a discussion on the scope of its study as well as the significance of the study to society in general and specific effects on individuals.

This study will focus on making infoboard system in Malabon City Hall. Traditional information system is a tiring job for the employees because every now and then, individual will ask again and again.

The study’s main concern was to develop a system that can see the updates regarding the upcoming disaster that will happen in the Philippines by using Infoboard system. Specifically, the study will see answers to the following questions: 1.What are the respondent’s profile in terms of the following: a.Age

c.Educational Attainment
d.Work Experience
2.What are the problems encountered by the city hall staff in announcing typhoon information in traditional ways? 3.What are the sources to know the updates in typhoon disaster to use in infoboard system? 4.What are the advantages of using infoboard system?

The aim of this study is as follows:
1.To know the respondent’s profile in terms of the following: a.Age
c.Educational Attainment
d.Work Experience
2.To determine the problems encountered by the city hall staff in announcing typhoon information in traditional ways 3.To know the different sources on updating the disaster happened in the Philippines by using infoboard system 4.To identify the advantages of using infoboard system

Methods Used in the Study
The analysts found it very helpful using strategies to use to complete the data needed in the study. Observation. The analysts used this strategy and were able to witness how the owner was manually storing the records of the customers on a blue log book. The analysts were also able to see how the owner used log book to store and compute the items that the customers bought. Interview. An interview is a face-to-face asking and getting of information in order to gather data. The strategy, the interviewee was able to provide answers to the questions with ease and the analysts were able to gather enough data needed to create the proposed system. The information that the analysts gathered helped the programmers to develop a system...
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