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Learning Resources
1.  Recommended Text –
Information Technology Project Management, 3rd Edition, Jack T. Marchewka

2. Various Readings/Media 3. Online Discussions (Edmodo) 4. Lecture Material/Slides

Introduction to Project Mgt

5 Evaluate

1 Define

4 Close

Project Management
2 Plan 3 Execute Based on Marchewka, Ch 1

Do we need PM?

How the customer explained it

How the project leader understood it

How the Analyst designed it

How the Programmer wrote it

How the Business Consultant described it

How the project was documented

What Operations installed

How the customer was billed

How it was supported

What the customer really needed


The Software Crisis
!  The CHAOS study published in 1995 by The Standish Group found that although the U.S spent over $250 billion on IT projects, approximately… 31% were cancelled before completion   53% were completed but over budget, over schedule, & did not meet original specifications  

Has the Current State of IT Projects Changed Since 1994? !  The Standish Group has continued to study IT projects over the years. !  In general, IT Projects are showing higher success rates due to        

Better project management tools & processes Smaller projects Improved communication among stakeholders More skillful IT project managers

!  But there is still ample opportunity for improvement!

Summary of the Chaos Studies from 1994 to 2006


Rank! 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!

1994! User!Involvement! Execu1ve!Management! Support! Clear!Statement!of! Requirements! Proper!Planning! Realis1c!Expecta1ons! Smaller!Project!Milestones! Competent!Staff! Ownership! Clear!Vision!&!Objec1ves! HardNworking,!focused!team!

2001! Execu1ve!Support! User!Involvement! Experienced!Project!Manager! Clear!Business!Objec1ves! Minimized!Scope! Standard!SoDware! Infrastructure! Firm!Basic!Requirements! Formal!Methodology! Reliable!Es1mates! Other!

2006! User!Involvement! Execu1ve!Management! Support! Clear!Business!Objec1ves! Op1mizing!Scopea! Agile!Process! Project!Management!Exper1se! Financial!Management! Skilled!Resources! Formal!Methodology! Standard!Tools!and! Infrastructure!

Improving the likelihood of success
!  A Value-Driven Approach

Plain & Simple: IT Projects must provide value to the organization It’s not just about the technology or building a better mouse trap processes and infrastructure (Methodology) resources expectations competition efficiency and effectiveness lessons learned, best practices & shared knowledge

!  Socio-technical Approach

!  Project Management Approach

!  Knowledge Management Approach

The PMBOK® Guide’s Definitions for Project and Project Management

!  A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. !  Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Managing a project includes:      

Identifying requirements Establishing clear and achievable objectives Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time, and cost Adapting the specifications, plans, and approaches to the different concerns and expectations of the various stakeholders

Project Management Body of Knowledge Areas

The Triple Constraint

The Relationship Between the PLC & SDLC
The PLC focuses on the phases, processes, tools, knowledge and skills for managing a project, while the SDLC focuses on creating and implementing the project’s product – the information system.

Some Questions to Consider





How can a value-driven approach improve the likelihood of IT project success?

What is the socio-technical approach to systems development?

What are the benefits to using a project management approach to developing...
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