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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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TUI University
ITM Princfples of Bus,and Org
Case Assignment
Moduel 1
Myisha Jones
Professor Dr. Frants
October 9, 2011

Title page
Several of these themes will come up again in later modules in this course.  But by way of introduction to the subject, let's take a look at some views of how knowledge works (these are the REQUIRED readings): Leonard, D., & Swap, W. (2005). The Knowledge Coach. HBS Working Knowledge. Retrieved 01 July 2011, from: Levinson, M. (2007). Knowledge Management Definition and Solutions. Retrieved 01 July 2011, from: Wiig, K.M. (N.D.) On The Management of Knowledge. The Wiig Group. Retrieved 01 July 2011, from For this case assignment (1) read through the three articles then (2) select any one IS theory listed at: and read about that theory in-depth, then (3) write a 3-4 page essay that discusses how data, information and knowledge are applicable in the context of that theory, or vise-versa. Be sure your discussion demonstrates that you understand the meanings and differences between data, information and knowledge. In your discussion give a real-world example of data, knowledge and information in the context of your theory and provide some commentary on that scenario as to what was done right, what could be better to achieve a better outcome.