Influx of Migrant Workers Is Not a Good Move

Topics: Malaysia, Migrant worker, Foreign worker Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: February 28, 2013
In today’s competitive world of development, Malaysia perceives a huge aim of becoming an industrialized country in this region. In order to accomplish the mission, the workforce definitely is being empowered and one of the methodologies used is importing migrant workers. This is a good step indeed for Malaysia’s development; however in the present the issue of migrant workers flooding our country is uttered to be tormenting. Despite the fact that the influxes of foreign labors are such assisting shoulders to our country’s competitiveness in industrialization, I believe that their invasion to Malaysia is not a good move.

Those who opposed to the decision agreed that the increment of crime cases and social problems in our country are the doings of our Malaysians itself. This is because there are over 20 million numbers of Malaysians in this country, compared to only 1.9 million of registered migrant workers here. However, this fact is conventional. There are many crime cases are proven done by foreign labors such as robbery and murder that donated to the increasing of the already huge numbers of crimes done caused by Malaysians. For instance in the famous local television program 999 on 7th of April 2011, they had revealed that Kota Bharu Police Contingent had made a raid in a budget hotel near Kota Bharu and they managed to catch a couple of foreign workers having illegal sexual intervention as well as possessing drugs. People should understand the word of ‘increment’. When a little number of crimes is done frequently, it will surely contribute to the increment of crime cases to our country and its possibility to be severer is high.

Next, the opponents also claimed that our Malaysians are too picky compared to migrant workers in terms of hunting jobs. This is because they believe that many employers offer low payment to Malaysians as much as to the foreign labors. However, in this situation we cannot put the blame on our people only. According to Evelyn...
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