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Topics: Family, The Bunch, Virtue Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: November 29, 2010
My Grandfather

Sometimes in life, you encounter someone who positively changes your own ideals. Personally, that specific person would have to my grandfather, Earl Childers. He is the kind of person who always has time to talk to his grandchildren. My grandfather is the type of community leader who has provided hundreds of jobs to those in need, as well as given inspiration to many. While growing up, my grandfather was a role model to me. Without him in my life, then I would not have been able to develop into such an enthusiastic, young gentleman. As a result of the influence that my grandfather had on me, I have acquired the capability to excel in anything that I exert effort into. He has also shown me the importance of helping others; and, in exchange, I have received a better perspective on life.

My grandfather’s desire to succeed in whatever he does is truly apparent in his stories of his past. I was 11 years old when I heard his first story of hardship and success. His story entailed him and his 9 siblings; they were underprivileged and lacked parenting. My grandfather was 16 and the oldest of the bunch, he decided the take on the role of the father. He made the conscious decision to drop out of school and begin working for Kraft. Working 60 hour weeks selling dairy products door to door he managed to feed and clothe his family. This tremendous and courageous task has given me the encouragement to help my family and value what we have and what they have given me.

While I treasure the experiences he has shared with me, my life has been equally transformed by what he has done with me around the community. As a child I often accompanied him on the golf course. While he would play friendly competitive matches with his friends I would watch and entertain his friend’s adolescent children. The only other kid my age was, Michael, my best friend now. He is exceptionally kind with a vigor that is contagious. I’ve continued to babysit these children the past...
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