Influential Materialism on Cambodian Society

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Influential Materialism on Cambodian Society

One of the remarkable transitions in Cambodia began in 1993. It was the economic reform switching from planned-economic to open-free economic market. Since ever, Cambodia gradually boosts the national economy by allowing private possessions and foreign investment. This is a signal of democracy in the nation. To be a democratic country, such rights and freedom must be given to the masses. It is well-known that people want to be equal before the laws and live in a happy life. However, one barrier to newly democratic country—Cambodia—is the citizens. More than half of the Cambodian population is under a poverty line, meaning they are insufficient not only in property but also in education. This situation is not good enough for Cambodians to get influence from the world. Being connected with globalization, Cambodia demands a higher standard and a good quality of production. Among those marketing competition, the most attractive and popular product is high-tech materials. Again, the other half of population might be able to afford such materials in order to live in the society. The society is affected by materialism, which considers possessions more important than values, and its effects range from psychological to economic. Materialism is sometimes used as a status symbol, causing people to purchase items they cannot afford, simply to fit in with an affluent crowd, or to keep up with the people around them. Materialism, although a motivating force in today's world economy, can erode value systems and affect a person's overall happiness. Perhaps nobody knows exactly when materialism persists in Cambodian society. And not many Cambodians switch their attention on it. Materialism which is the new tendency can lead the society to face many possible negative consequences. That is, youths must understand what they are doing and decide whether or not stick with it. In today society, we have no doubt an emerging demographic of eager young adults flocking towards new motorbikes, mobile phones, and the newest in tech trends. But is there a lurking danger tacked on to this eagerness? This paper will take a closer look at the Cambodian youth’s tendency toward the new and modern materials, the reasons why youths want to possess the materials, the impact of the material challenges, and some solutions to modify the tendency.


Before going further, one key word in the paper will be illustrated. Materialism comes from the word material, so the first word to be explained is: According to Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, there are four main meaning of material. First, material means a physical substance which things can be made from. Second, it means information used when writing something such as a book, or information produced in various forms to help people or to advertise products. Third, material means cloth which can be used to make things such as clothes. Finally, material means equipment that you need for a particular activity. The last definition seems the most appropriate meaning for the scope of the paper. In addition, materialism is defined as the belief that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life. Plus, materialism is a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. These are the definitions of the word “materialism” on which the paper will focus.


Writing is a fun thing but without any specific purpose, the writing seems nothing. Meanwhile, the paper has a few important objectives that might be helpful for other students and readers to find out about the current trend of Cambodian youths. The main purposes of the writing are: Providing the historic background of Cambodian economy

Offering the key definition of the term materialism
Illustrating the current prominent issues in the society Showing the current trend of the youths toward...
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