Influential Attitude of Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Emotion Pages: 4 (1667 words) Published: June 15, 2008
Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, an individual will come to a realization that “our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us”. Taken from a quote by John N. Mitchell, it aggravates questions as to whether Hamlet’s attitude towards life and the people whom surrounded him was a factor in the overall shaping and determining of his tragic downfall. A play written and directed by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is set within a world inclusive to revenge and hatred passion perceived from the perception of Hamlet. The audiences follows Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark and the son of a murdered King as he attempts to seek his most righteous position from the one who stole his identified crown whom is also the murderer of his father. In Hamlet, Shakespeare suggests that one’s cynical outlook on life will lead ultimately, to one’s own demise. His pessimistic prospects essentially impinged on his confidence with individuals and his values towards life which as a result, drained him both mentally and emotionally.

A notable aspect in which the audiences witness is of the relationships between characters, with Hamlet’s connections being one of the main distinctive observations. As an outcome of his negative mind-set, he distances himself from people as he does not allow for himself to entrust his dependence in others. Hamlet’s general wariness towards people is an indirect display of his feelings regarding his mother, Gertrude [‘s], actions. Due to his mother’s remarriage to his uncle shortly after his father’s death, he resents her for the ostensibly betrayal and disloyalty. Additionally, due to her suspicious behaviors such as her scarce mourning for her husband, questions are initiated regarding her involvement in the participation of his father’s murder. As a result of his distrust in Gertrude, he generalizes his detestation of women as being weak and frail which in the extensiveness of time, led to his estrangement with Ophelia....
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