Influencing Self-Growth Among the Youth

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Influencing Self-Growth among the Youth

In any given generation, adults would probably agree that the youth of the present is a far cry from how they were during their time. This is even more apparent in the rapidly changing trends in technology and society. The focus of kids today are divided among various aspects, whether it is for social interaction, school, and even their perception of themselves. And with the booming industry of the internet and social networking, the outside world greatly influences how a youngster thinks of himself.

This is why family counselors will always advise parents on their vital roles in the growth and development of their children. The family is the primary source of knowledge that helps shape a child's view of himself and how he interacts with others. Moms and dads should encourage their kids to learn from their mistakes, to move forward, and to constantly strive for self-improvement. Every parent hopes for their child to mature independently, and to flourish as productive members of society. 

But outside of the family unit, where else will the child learn about self-growth and self-improvement? That role then falls into the hands of the school. It is said that the educational institution is the child's second home, and its administrators and teachers are the second set of parents. Beyond teaching students academic knowledge, schools also aim to mold their students into effective leaders in the future. This will help them adapt to the constantly evolving world as they mature. 

The Journal of Leadership Education reported in 2011 that in order for children to develop as leaders, schools should target activities that will encourage self-growth. Among the effective methods of inculcating personal growth is to allow the child to reflect on his personal experiences. Researchers mentioned that personal reflection broadens a child's comfort zone, so that he learns to integrate his positive experiences with his beliefs,...
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