Influencing Group Communication

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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In this paper we will discuss different leadership styles, different sources of power and how it effect group communication. We will also discuss some of the motivational theories and their impact on the organization and we also discuss the commitment of work force to the organization. DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP STYLES AND THEIR IMPACT ON GFROUP COMMUNICATION Every organization needs a very strong leadership to be successful and effective. There are different leadership styles and they have different impact. But first we need to know what leadership is. There is no specific definition of leadership .Every author has define leadership in different ways. Leadership has a clear vision and it influence others to achieve that vision (Robbins & judge, 2011). There are different kind leadership style one of them is Charismatic leadership and can be define as charismatic leadership approach is process of creating idea and persistent evaluation of the environment, corresponding vision by motivating and convincing arguments, structuring faith and commitment, attaining the vision by giving employees empowerment, using simple stories etc (Conger, 1989).This kind of leadership has both positive and negative impact on group communication. A charismatic leader will encourage communication that involves prompting his ideas and will discourage communication if it involves criticism (nayab, 2010). Howard Schultz one of the titans of Starbuck Corporation had uses the same leadership style and the result is in front of us, he makes Starbucks one of the leading companies in the world. Transformational leadership style: A Transforamtional leader inspires followers and has an extraordinary effect on their followers. Such kind of leader directs the energies of his followers towards the organization (Robbins & judge, 2011).This kind of leadership encourage group communication as it emphasize on sharing of vision between employees and organization and the ways to achieve that vision (nayab,2010). If we study the leadership of Howard Schultz we came to know that he has the qualities of a transformational leader too. Schultz as a CEO transforms new straggles and keeps on introducing new ideas that can benefit both organization and employees. Others leadership style that we can found in Starbuck are participative and democratic styles. Both of these style encourages group communication DIFFERENT SOURCES OF POWER AND THEIR IMPACTON GROUP COMMUNICATION Power plays a vital role in an organization and therefore its important to understand what power is and what are the sources of power. Power can be defined as: Power is the ability of a person A to influence the behavior of a person B so that B can act according to A wishes (Robbins & judge, 2011).The possession of power and how to use power play a very vital role in an organization. Now the question came into mind form where A get those power to influence B. An important factor that determines to what degree A can influence the behavior of B is dependency, greater the dependence of B on A, more influence A has on Now a question can into mind form where A get all those power to influence the behavior B. There are five different sources of power Coercive power base depends on fear of the negative results from failing to comply. For example A will have coercive power over B if A can suspend or punish B (Robbins & judge, 2011) Reward Power is the opposite of coercive. .Getting bonuses, commission, gift are the example of reward power (Robbins & judge, 2011). Legitimate Power refers to a power that comes from holding a position in an organization. Store manager, school principle, corporation CEO all have legitimate power (Robbins & judge, 2011). Legitimate and reward power at Starbucks represents the formal authority its managers have to control and use...
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