Influencing Group Behavior

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Influencing Group Behavior

By | May 2011
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Influencing Group Behavior
In a speech to the United States Corps of Cadets, Major General John M. Schofield said, “The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment.” (Center of Creative Leadership, 1998, p. 32. An essential part of a manager is to influence the people she manages to accomplish a specific task. The influence of a manager will depend on the manager’s personality and the personality of the employees. The power that a manager holds branches into five separate and distinct forms. Because power is not a widely discussed or a taught subject, managers have little guidance available to lead with positive development and use of powers. Managers should study coercive power, reward power, legitimate power, expert power, and referent power to figure out which best describe him and his style of managing.

Coercive power works on the idea of coercing. This type of manager will force someone to do something he does not want to do to accomplish a specific task. This source of power often leads to problems and in many ceases it involves abuse. Managers will yell, be disrespectful, and use threats to obtain what they want. The employee works mainly because of domination and forced to do what he is told. Coercive power comes from a person’s authority to punish. From the employee’s perspective, it is one of the most obvious types of power a manager has.

Coercive power is a personal power because the manager is the only person who has a vested interest in the outcome. I manage 12 employees and four doctors and I have never had to manage anyone with coercive powers. I think most employees looks to the manager for guidance. I want to provide that guidance without intimidating anyone. I want them to know something about every aspect of the practice. The more they know and the more they can do, the better I look. Success is measured on...

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