Influencing Change: Role of an Mba in Building an Inclusive Society

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Influencing Change:
Role of an MBA in building an inclusive society

MBA, Masters Of Business Administration, as we call it is a curriculum which teaches the aspiring managers of the country to be efficient with numbers, interpreting and analyzing data, decorum to be maintained while working in an organization, how to make revenue through proper strategies, how individual businesses run etc. through various subjects like Accounts and Finance, Human resource management, Operations Management, Marketing Management etc. Most of the Leading MBA institutions in India has their course designed in such a manner that it requires a huge investment from the students. Hence Student before and after passing out from these premier institutes have a particular frame of mind. They are more concerned about: * The return of Investment they are making for their courses: which would lead to their motivation and desire of getting jobs paying a huge salary. * What will help them to excel in their work domain and make more money. Contribution to the organization as an MBA student comes as a means to fulfil the above hence most organizations face problems like Attrition and Decreased Job Satisfaction among fresh MBA hires now a days. The urge to learn and the sense of sharing with the society has taken a backseat. Now when we talk about business and society we need to understand how does the two relate to each other. My knowledge as an MBA student tells me, that in simple terms:

which in turn affects

So, when we talk of producing Business Administrators do we think of people who can contribute to the betterment of Indian economy or people who can bring a change to the society by understanding the business and economy and thereafter initiating a “Change”?

In reality, we assume that if we are contributing to the organization we are working in, we are contributing to the society. Organizations now...
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