Influences to Become an Ik

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Influences to become an Ik
In Lewis Thomas’s essay “The Iks”, the Iks are described as cruel and detestable human beings. Iks grew up in their own ideal society as nomadic hunters and gatherers, but were soon forced to change into farmers on a poor hillside soil. After that, the Iks created their own views of how society acts to defend their self in their unworkable environment. The Iks treat their children as labor workers because they are put to work once they are able to walk. They desert their elders to starve and the children steal their food. The Iks breed without love or care for each other, which makes the breeding seem like a way to just increase their population. The only joy they get from life is by laughing at other people’s misfortune. Another bad quality they have is that they defecate on other people’s doorsteps. The Anthropologists believe that the Iks are cruel and detestable characters. However, Thomas believes that the Iks became who they are by copying that behavior from other groups. I agree that everyone has Ik characteristics from the influence of others.

For everyone to have inner Ik characteristics, it would have to be from the influence of others. As Thomas states, “Cities have all the Ik characteristics”(82). Cities are a big influence because everyone watches or reads news about how they treat each other and others. They portray Ik characteristics on themselves or others. Thomas states that cities have the same qualities as Iks because they also have greedy and heartless characteristics, and they could have been an influence on the Iks. Cities portray Ik characteristics on their own or on others. The people living in the cities desert their elders in a less harsh sounding way, by sending them to senior centers. Senior centers are similar to deserting elders because one pays another to take care of their elders, so they do not have to deal with them. Cities also laugh at other people’s misfortune. In addition, cities also defecate...
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