Influences on Ethics

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  • Published : December 15, 2007
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Influences on Ethics
This paper is to research and define three Influences on ethics: (1) Experience, (2) the media, and (3) the History of Ideas according to Paul and Elder (2002). Accordingly, give reasonable real life examples of these influences applied to real- file situations from professional publications or the Internet demonstrating knowledge of the concepts. The concept examples are demonstrated in real life situations relating experiences to children learning experiences, followed up with information from Utah Educational Network. Media has a negative influence, validated by the American Academy of Pediatrics', messages are harmful to children and media controls are necessary. Lastly, the history of ideas, involves the evolution of critical thinking from classical period to present. Experience

Everyone has experiences; however, rarely does anyone give thought to experiences and what happens, as a result, of the action. Given the same experience, each person-involved, the experience has a different meaning, based on objective factors in ones life. Experience is something that one has no control over, experience is something that just happens according to Paul and Elder, (2002). Challenges that some on has faced in life is how one interprets the experience. Before one can take ownership of an experience; meaning the experience internal, almost as being a part of the sole. The mind accepts and rejects what is meaningful. As example children, children learn by doing. Children build on experiences from abstract to concrete. A preschooler may have the concept of the color red by association to objects that are red such as a fire truck, an apple. As the preschoolers has enhance his knowledge based on many experiences or opportunities to work with the color red. Based on the amount of activities where have been introduced to this child, he or she may be able to elaborate on the concept of red by pointing to the color red when asked. If a...
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