Influences of Smartphone on Society

Topics: Mobile phone, Electronics, Personal digital assistant Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: April 25, 2013
As technology develops, network and mobile device manufacturing companies release PMP, tablet PC, electronic devices with Wi-Fi and so on. Among all these electronic devices, the number of Smartphone users is rapidly increasing in recent times. The Smartphone is not only used as a communication tool, but it also provides an online service tool such as enabling game, internet surfing, and navigation services. Although the negative effects generally always follow, the positive affect are the beneficial and convenient change peoples’ lives. The Smartphone has brought great changes on society. This innovative device has affected our economics, education, and management.

Firstly, Smartphone’s functions are economically helpful. Electronics companies release many amazing electronic devices such as PMP, iPod, and tablet PC; nevertheless, most customers cannot buy all the devices even though they need them. a Smartphone has very special characteristics unlike other kinds of electronic equipments. It strengthened the strength of a PC and a phone, and made up for the weakness of these devices. For examples a PC cannot use mobile wireless communication network, a phone usually unable to connect Wi-Fi, and both do not have touch screens. Maybe some laptops and of course tablet PCs are able to use Wi-Fi and mobile wireless communication network, these do not have calling and texting functions and the weights are much heavier than a Smartphone. Nowadays, people do not have to use their computers or laptops to search things through the Internet because they can find almost all the information immediately via a Smartphone. Customers can save money by having a Smartphone because this device has strengthened other electronic devices. The phone has several useful functions: music and video players, camera, and networking services. The companies continuously release a variety kinds of Smartphones, and their prices are also very different. People in South Korea may get a cell...
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