Influences of Nature and Nurture

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  • Published : July 29, 2010
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Influences of Nature and Nurture

I. Hereditary and Environmental Influences

II. Nature

A – Development of heredity behaviours
1) Genetic Structure
2) Inherit
B – Development starting of fetus
1) Inside mother.
2) After birth

III. After birth – prepared to learn

A – Examples
1) Vision starts
2) Time to improve
B – Looking Around
1) Different Things
2) Reasons

IV. Nurture

A – Conduct
1) Psychiatric Illnesses
2) Drugs and illnesses in the Gestation period
B- Importance of environmental influence
1) Practices
2) Curiosities

V. Nature and Nurture are both indispensable

Influences of Nature and Nurture

Heredity and environmental influences have been discussed by researchers as how much nature and nurture can affect the baby’s development for centuries. John Locke (1700) “rejected” that babies were miniatures of adults and he affirmed that baby’s mind is a “blank slate”. Also, he believed that our knowledge came to us by our senses (Interaction between nature and nurture, p.10).

As Charles Darwin (1859) says in the “Theory of Evolution”, the development of behaviour is heredity. According to what he said, most of our personal characteristics are determined by our genetic structure, which means our genes decide our sex, colour of skin, eyes and hair and also our body size, everything inherited from our ancestors. The embryo starts to develop when it is inside its mother’s body yet, and it happens according to some natural behaviour, such as moving, turning and kicking and then, when we born, the motor development also depends to the genetic influence, as seen in all children, they all have the same sequence of motor behaviours, which has been inherited genetically. These behaviours consists in rolling over, sitting, stand up, crawling and walking. Meanwhile, children go through the sequence of motor behaviours at different rates, it depends how do they are influenced...
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