Influences of Media

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Ever wondered, how the advice of others influences young people? Well the advice that people offer can greatly impact young people in many ways. To narrow this topic, we are going to focus on media and its positive and negative roles they play that influences young people.

Firstly, what is media? Media is a mass communication from television shows, movies, ads, internet, news etc. Media can influence the behavior of young people depending how they respond to shows, commercials, music, pop culture on television/internet, and other media products. However, media is able to influence the minds of young people because of its broad range of advice and suggestions that young people constantly see and are surrounded by wherever they go. Even so, media can change how a person acts, feels and what they say. One example of Media is television shows or movies giving viewers advice of suggestions about goals, life, love and other different subjects.

Certainly, media can have some negative effects on young people such as manipulating how they act, feel and speak. In addition, the behavior of young people can be affected by the negative influences of media because it exposes adult content, violence, cursing, and posing indecently on the minds of young people. Not only that, but media can leave scars of various images in their minds. Yet, media can do other negative things to young people and they are giving the wrong message, media addiction and health problems. An example of the negative effect media does to young people is portraying thin as beautiful and fat as ugly. Leading most females to starve to death just to lose weight and be a size zero.

Finally, media can influence the behavior of young people in a positive way by educating people, showing diversity, creativity and goals/accomplishments. However, media is able to show positive influences in young people by making them strive to be better and to work harder to accomplish what they want in life. Media is...
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