Influences of Ict in Media

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The Influence of ICT in the Media Industry

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ICT underwent a revolution in the 20th century. Our society has been going through deep transformations within the ICT sector for many years. ICT innovations are both a driver and a supporter for these transformations. New enabling technologies and applications are emerging rapidly. Growth of the media sector has been heavily influenced by the development of broadband and ICT’s. The impact of ICT on media, social behaviours and on creativity will continue to grow. The leading global management consulting and market research firm Lucintel have estimated that the global broadcast media will reach approximately US $597 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 4.5% between 2012 and 2017. (Parker: 2012) According to the study, the media industry is fragmented, with the top five and top 10 players accounting for approximately 21% and 32% respectively. They also estimate that the global newspaper industry is expected to reach US $171.6 billion with a CAGR of 1.6% by 2017(Parker: 2012). The industry faces some challenges due to the growing importance of new media, driven by dynamic media consumption patterns, resulting in a large shift of readers to the online news sources. (Parker, 2012) According to PWC digital spending will increase at a 12.1% CAGR compared with just 2.8% for non-digital. (Marketing Charts Staff, 2012) This report will look at how ‘old’ media will try and bridge this gap and move into a more ICT related industry. The assignment will look at the strong influence ICT has had on the media sector. Furthermore this report will describe the evolution of ICT in media. Additionally it will examine two different types of media and their development in the last decade. The paper will then review the future role of ICT in the media sector before concluding.

Evolution of ICT in Media
It took radio broadcasters 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million, television 13 years, and it only took the Internet 4 years. (United Nations Cyberschoolbus:2002). There was only 50 million pages on the World Wide Web in 1998; today there are more than 15 billion pages (Worldwideweb Size:2013) People’s lives are becoming increasingly more hectic and fast paced. The type of information people want is changing and easily accessed visual media is becoming increasingly popular. Young readers do not want to go flicking through numerous pages of broadsheets to look at the latest sports results. With online services people can just click on a tab relating to the topic that interests them. Radio is an old traditional media broadcasting method but has moved towards instant information. The early 90s saw radio and television only being received via antennas. Sky first introduced satellite television to households in Ireland and the UK in 1998. (Cameron: 2007). Sky Digital formally known as BSkyB's, offered an analogue service, but have now moved to new digital service. Many benefits and improvements have developed over the past fifteen years, with nonstop movies, sport and entertainment channels. In recent years the introduction of Sky HD and Sky+ allows for higher picture and sound quality along with the capability of pausing live television. Sky has introduced various news channels which can be watched anywhere. Channels such as Sky News, Bloomberg, BBC News, RTE News CNBC can be accessed anywhere around the world and also online via laptops. The internet has made a major change as all media broadcasting companies now have websites which can be viewed to hear all the latest news and sport. People can make subscriptions to particular topics of news for examples stock...
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