Influences of Advertising

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Influences of Advertising
Nowadays, we go through thousands of posters, billboards and fliers. Advertising is an integral part of any modern person's life. We are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from companies. It is everywhere on the streets, on transport, on TV, on the Internet. We believe that commercials simply let people to know their own demands, but it is not. Advertising has different effects on consumers, it changes our perspective on what we buy, when we buy it and how much are buy. I will point out two of its influences that make me waste my money, which I don’t need; even these ads also cause health issues.

To start with, advertising try to convince people that products are essential in life, and it's great to own it. The advertising makes us think that we need it. In fact, it's probably not really necessary, and not as effective as advertising. The advertising always convinces customers that their product is the best and is unique. It does not resemble any kind on the market as well as a similar product with similar functions that you have at home, and will always be the conclusion is that customers should try to see the difference at the end of the ad. I usually ask myself that there is true? ; Then I waste my money for products with similar functions. For example, I just bought a pillow that the ad said that it will make me deep sleep and can experience the feeling of the spa. I bought it for those reasons that I did not even know and did not care before. I realize that I don’t have a better life or deep sleep when I use it. Now, I decide to take it to the warehouse because I have a lot of pillows in my room. Another aspect, advertising influences our health. It is a negative impact on our health. Nowadays, we can see the food ads on television such as fast food, candies, snacks or processed foods. Advertising causes people either to eat more food in general or to have a less healthy diet. The ads make the food look more...
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