Influences in the Teaching Environment

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Influences in the Teaching Environment
September 5, 2011

In the present and the past there are influences on teaching. Environmental elements will always have a strong impact on how teachers teach and students learn. In the following paragraphs I will identify and explain the various ways that teaching can be affected by the environment. One of the first influences is the student body. If the classes are too large it may be difficult for the teacher to successfully teach every student. Classrooms that are overcrowded can be a very power factor on environmental influences with teaching. Every teacher and student should have momentum and should have a lesson plan that is interesting an d makes the students understand what is being taught in creative ways. If there is a large class chances are that the teacher will easily become overwhelmed and the student will feel apprehensive about asking questions. The main reason why I think that class rooms that are too large will have more chances of having various environmental disturbances is because some students will not get along or respect the other students that do want to learn because they are not interested in the class curriculum. This matter leads me to the next paragraph that further elaborates on how student’s behavior has a direct influence on teaching. Disruptive behavior is a major way that students express themselves and also in how they interact with their peers. Some students choose to act out in an effort to receive attention no matter whether it is positive or negative. The way that teachers handle that behavior will have a large impact on the rest of the class. Teaching students to be responsible for their actions is a key aspect to character development and academic success. When a student starts disruptive behavior then the rest of the classes focus will be diverted and then certain students may not retain the information that is needed. Lack of a certified instructor can also...
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