Influences in the Teaching Environment

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Maribel Serrano
March 27, 2013
Stacey Concepcion

Influences in the Teaching Environment
It was my pleasure interviewing my Pastors wife, Molly. She is a 10th grade Science teacher at the New Hope High School in Philadelphia. She was also a 3rd grade teacher in California. I had asked Molly what 10 negative classroom conditions and/or disruptive behaviors influenced her teaching environment. The environments varies differently between High School and Elementary School. She noted mostly what conditions where effected in the High School. Unmotivated students - An unmotivated student doe not hand in work. Does not do work and will not do what is asked of them for the most part. Students that have a rough home life, parents who are not active in the student's academic life, Parents who do not believe that education is an important part of life, can lead to unmotivated students. Teachers can help these students by showing then that they are and that they believe in them. Lack of Parent support - Parents can be the worst advocated for their kids. If parents do not show their children that they are important and that education is important the child will not be very cooperative in the classroom. A workshop for parents can help educate and inform parents on how important an education is for their child. Parents might understand that the also hold the key to their child's education and that being educated can hold a better future for them. Temper Tantrums - If a student does not get his/her way, or they are asked to do something they do not want to do a temper tantrum can ensue. These students can be very disruptive to the classroom. It is very difficult to get an unruly student to stop cursing and yelling. Calmly stating that you understand that they are frustrated and walking away gives the student time to settle down and gently pulling them aside after class to discuss the matter can help bring back some semblance of order in the classroom. Does not...
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