Influences in the Teaching Environment

Topics: Education, Psychology, Special education Pages: 3 (1291 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Influences in the Teaching Environment
There are many conditions that influence the classroom on a daily basis and teachers can create ways to stop the interruptions that take place in the learning environment. A teacher can look at different ways to stop classroom interruptions by speaking with other teachers and looking at different resources that can help them to stop the interruptions. Some interruptions are impossible to stop but can be dealt with in a manner that does not take from the students learning. Some students may disrupt the classroom because of unmet needs. These students are looking for safety, self-respect, authority, to fit in, hope, having fun and struggle to win. When a student feels their needs are not being met they tend to misbehave, become unfocused and uncomfortable. A teacher can help to stop this disruptive behave from happening by paying attention to all of her students. A teacher should especially pay attention to what is going on with those students who act out or have disruptive behavior. When a teacher notices that a teacher is beginning to act out in the classroom the teacher should first address the student and the behavior and see if and what is going on and find a solution for the behavior. Thwarted desires happen when a student wants something so bad but does not succeed in getting what they want. Students become a menace, by being destructive, moping, showing displeasure, complainant, and acting out. When a student acts that way teachers need to address the issue before it gets out of hand. Make sure to never ignore the problem and make sure to tell the student the consequences of their actions and make sure they get the consequences of their actions. Expediency, as a student tries to speed through things like homework and create shortcuts in order to get through things to go have fun, it creates a problem with student behavior. When a student rushes through their homework and assignments in class it can be a disruption...
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